All junk dealers shall observe the following regulations in operation of junk yards.
   (A)   All junk yards shall be kept reasonably sanitary and clean.
   (B)   The burning or processing of salvaged automobiles, trucks, vehicles, rags, mattresses, tires, rubber materials, and other materials producing dense smoke within the city is prohibited.
   (C)   No license shall be issued to any junk yard within the city and no junk yard shall conduct business within the city unless said is screened from public streets and highways by a tight board fence, the lumber of which is in reasonably good appearance, or by other screen fence of reasonably good materials, appearance, and construction, not less than ten feet high or sufficient height to screen the junk yard kept from persons using the public streets and highways within the city on foot or vehicle in the ordinary manner. Such screen fence shall be kept in good repair at all times and shall be painted if necessary to make said fence of reasonably good appearance.
   (D)   All junk yards shall be secured by a lockable gate, of similar materials of the enclosing fence, and built in such a fashion that upon the gate being secured, small children could not enter the premises by going through or under said gate.
   (E)   Rags, paper, and cardboard shall be stored within a suitable structure and enclosed by fence to prevent their escape when blown by the wind.
   (F)   No rags, paper, cardboard, rubber, or other flammable material shall be stored on the premises within 75 feet of any oil, gasoline, or other flammable liquids of the licensee or any other adjoining property owner or lessee.
   (G)   All exterior area of the outside of the fences and gate surrounding the premises to be used as a junk yard shall be kept in a clean and neat condition, free from any materials stored within the junk yard.
(Ord. 89-043, passed 2-27-1989)  Penalty, see § 114.99