(A)   No person shall be granted a license hereunder unless such person is of good moral character, and no person shall be granted a license or permit hereunder whose license as such dealer has been revoked, or who has been convicted of a violation of the provisions of any law applicable to the sale of intoxicating liquor, or who employs in his or her business as such dealer, any person whose license has been revoked, or who has been convicted of violating such law since the date aforesaid.
   (B)   Financial interest means all interest, legal, or beneficial, direct or indirect, in the capital devoted to the licensed enterprise and all such interest in the net profits of the enterprise, after the payment of reasonable and necessary operating business expenses and taxes, including interest in dividends, preferred dividends, interest and profits, directly or indirectly paid as compensation for, or in consideration of interest in, or for use of, the capital devoted to the enterprise, or for property of money advanced, loaned, or otherwise made available to the enterprise, except by way of ordinary commercial credit or bona fide bank credit not in excess of credit customarily granted by banking institutions, whether paid as dividends, interest or profits, or in the guise of royalties, commissions, salaries, or any other form whatsoever.
   (C)   The City Clerk may require all applicants for licenses to file written statements, under oath, containing the information reasonably required to administer this subchapter. Statements by applicants for licenses as retailers shall set out, with other information required, full information concerning the residence of all persons financially interested in the business to be licensed as required by regulation. All material changes in the information filed shall be promptly reported to the City Clerk.
(Ord. 89-45, passed 3-20-1989)