§ 70.99  PENALTY.
   (A)   Any person violating any provision of this chapter for which no specific penalty is prescribed shall be subject to § 10.99 of this code of ordinances.
   (B)   Notwithstanding the provisions of § 70.02, or any other provision of law, violation of this section shall be deemed an infraction and any person who violates this section as it relates to violations of the usage of lighted lamps required due to weather conditions or fog shall only be fined $10 and no court cost shall be assessed.
   (C)   Any driver who violates § 70.03 division (B)(1) through (B)(3) is guilty of an infraction and, upon conviction, may be punished by a fine of not more than $50 and court costs. If a driver receives a citation for violating § 70.03(B)(1) through (B)(3), the charges shall be dismissed or withdrawn if the driver prior to or at his or her hearing provides evidence of acquisition of a child passenger restraint system or child booster seat which is satisfactory to the court or the party responsible for prosecuting the driver’s citation.
   (D)   (1)   Each driver who violates the provisions of § 70.04(A) and (B) shall, upon conviction, be subject to a fine not to exceed $10 in amount. All other provisions of law and court rules to the contrary notwithstanding, no court costs may be imposed if court costs have been assessed on any other charge arising out of the same occurrence.
      (2)   Any person who violates § 70.04(C)(4) shall, upon conviction, be punished by a fine of not more than $25 and court costs.
(Ord. 97-005, passed 10-21-1997; Ord. 05-002, passed 3-15-2005; Ord. 06-007, passed 9-5-2006)