Upon failure or refusal of the owner or occupant of such premises and the property constituting such nuisance to remove and abate the same under the terms of a court order and within the prescribed time set by the judge, the judge may, without further proceedings, order and direct the law enforcement officers or other employees of the town to abate the nuisance or remove the property constituting such nuisance to a suitable location or disposal site selected by the town. The law enforcement officer or other employee of the town shall thereupon proceed to tear down, destroy, remove and abate such nuisance and condition, and use all reasonable means and force to do so, and shall keep a just and accurate account of the expense thereof, and return it to the town clerk-treasurer to be presented to the town council for further action thereon. All such property abated shall become the property of the Town unless claimed by the owner within ten (10) days after the nuisance is removed by the Town. (Ord. 336, 3-21-2018)