A.   Required: No person or persons, company or corporation owning property within the limits of the town shall construct or cause to be constructed or reconstruct or allow to be reconstructed, any sidewalk or curb on any street within the town until they first receive a permit from the town building inspector.
   B.   Form And Contents: When a permit is requested by a property owner to construct or reconstruct sidewalks or curbs, the permit shall be in writing and shall designate the location, manner of construction, construction material, width and grade of such sidewalk or curb to be constructed or reconstructed; provided, that such specifications shall not be such as to require any property owner to construct a sidewalk or curb of different material or in a different manner than is required of the owners of other land in the same block fronting the same street, road or other public way. (Ord. 186, 12-1-1982)