(A)   A permit from the Fire Prevention Bureau is required to conduct the following:
      (1)   Install any automatic fire sprinkler system;
      (2)   Install any automatic fire suppression or extinguishing system;
      (3)   Modify an automatic sprinkler, fire suppression system or fire extinguishing system;
      (4)   Install any aboveground or underground liquid fuel storage tank;
      (5)   Install any aboveground or underground liquefied gas storage tank;
      (6)   Install or modify any fire alarm detection or signaling system when the value of the installation or modification exceeds $1,000;
      (7)   Remove an underground liquid fuel storage tank;
      (8)   Clean and degrease commercial hoods and ducts; and
      (9)   Temporary tent / canopy.
   (B)   A fee, as established in § 35.01 of this code shall be paid for each permit required by this section. A plan check fee as authorized in § 35.01 of this code is required.
(Ord. 11-05-01, passed 5-19-11) Penalty, see § 10.99