For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   FIRE CHIEF, FIRE MARSHAL and ASSISTANT FIRE MARSHALS. The Fire Chief, Fire Marshal and Assistant Fire Marshals of the Fire Department which provides fire protection services to the city.
   OPEN BURNING. The burning of any matter if the resultant combustion products are emitted directly to the atmosphere without passing through a stack, duct or chimney, except a “recreational fire” as defined herein. Mobile cooking devices such as manufactured hibachis, charcoal grills, wood smokers and propane or natural gas devices are not defined as OPEN BURNING.
   RECREATIONAL FIRE. A fire set with approved starter fuel no more than three feet in height, contained within the border of a “recreational fire site” using dry, clean wood; producing little detectable smoke, odor or soot beyond the property line; conducted with an adult tending the fire at all times; for recreational, ceremonial, food preparation for social purposes; extinguished completely before quitting the occasion; and respecting weather conditions, neighbors, burning bans and air quality so that nuisance, health or safety hazards will not be created. No more than one RECREATIONAL FIRE is allowed on any property at one time.
   RECREATIONAL FIRE SITE. An area of no more than a three foot diameter circle (measured from the inside of the fire ring or border); completely surrounded by non-combustible and non-smoke or odor producing material, either of natural rock, cement, brick, tile or blocks or ferrous metal only an which area is depressed below ground, on the ground or on a raised bed. Included are permanent outdoor wood burning fireplaces. Burning barrels are not a RECREATION FIRE SITE, as defined herein. RECREATIONAL FIRE SITES shall not be located closer than 25 feet to any structure.
   STARTER FUELS. Dry, untreated, unpainted, kindling, branches, cardboard or charcoal fire starter. Paraffin candles and alcohols are permitted as starter fuels and as aids to ignition only. Propane gas torches or other clean gas burning devices causing minimal pollution must be used to start an open burn.
   WOOD. Dry, clean fuel only such as twigs, branches, limbs, “presto logs,” charcoal, cord wood or untreated dimensional lumber. The term does not include wood that is green with leaves or needles, rotten, wet, oil soaked or treated with paint, glue or preservatives. Clean pallets may be used for recreational fires when cut into three foot lengths.