(A)   (1)   Any animal found running at large may be seized by an animal control officer or a police officer, impounded at a designated animal shelter and there confined in a humane manner for a minimum period of no less than seven business days or until claimed by the animal’s owner, whichever occurs first.
      (2)   Immediately upon impoundment of any animal, reasonable efforts shall be made by the impounding official to notify the owner of the animal, of the animal’s confinement and the procedures to be followed for reclamation of the animal.
      (3)   Except for cruelly treated animals which have been impounded, an animal which is not redeemed by the owner within seven business days, excluding holidays, after the impoundment, may be disposed of in any manner provide by law. Cruelly treated animals shall be kept for ten days before being disposed of, and notice shall be given to the owners as provided for by M.S. § 343.325, as it may be amended from time to time. An animal that is not claimed by the owner within the prescribed time may be euthanized and deposed of in humane manner by the appropriate animal shelter facility. Upon notice from the appropriate animal shelter facility that an animal is sick and/or injured, the Chief of Police is authorized to permit euthanization at any time within the seven-day impoundment period in an effort to end the suffering of the animal.
      (4)   Upon expiration of the above described seven business day period, if the animal has not been claimed by the owner, owner title of any animal may be transferred to the animal shelter facility.
(`87 Code, § 508.10)
   (B)   Before the owner shall be permitted to retake possession of the animal, the owner shall make payment to the owner of the impoundment facility for all required fees and costs associated with the impoundment.
(`87 Code, § 508.11)