§ 117.04  REVIEW OF PLANS.
   (A)   Whenever a food establishment is constructed or extensively remodeled and whenever an existing structure is converted to use as a food establishment, properly prepared plans and specifications for such construction, remodeling or conversion shall be submitted to the regulatory authority for review before work is begun. Extensive remodeling means that 20% or greater of the area of the food establishment is to be remodeled. The plans and specifications shall indicate the proposed layout, equipment arrangement, mechanical plans and construction of materials of work areas, and the type and model of proposed fixed equipment and facilities. The plans and specifications will be approved by the regulatory authority if they meet the requirements of the rules adopted by this chapter. The approved plans and specifications must be followed in construction, remodeling or conversion.
   (B)   Failure to follow the approved plans and specification will result in a permit denial, suspension, or revocation.
(Ord. 1118-2, passed 10-12-2018)