(A)   The excavation permit application shall be completed and signed by an authorized representative of the owner of the facilities to be constructed.
   (B)   The city shall accept the application and shall issue permit if the applicant is otherwise in compliance with the provisions of this chapter.
   (C)   The city may refuse to issue a permit if:
      (1)   The proposed construction will substantially interfere with another activity for which a permit has been issued, or will conflict or interfere with existing facilities already in the public right-of-way;
      (2)   The applicant:
         (a)   Failed to furnish all the information required by this chapter;
         (b)   Knowingly or intentionally furnished false or incorrect information to the city;
         (c)   Failed to file the application on the approved form within the time limits prescribed by this section;
         (d)   Failed to submit plans of record;
         (e)   Failed to furnish or have on file with the city the insurance required by this chapter;
         (f)   Is not in compliance with applicable requirements of an existing permit issued under this chapter;
         (g)   Has failed to reimburse the city for any costs owed pursuant to this chapter; or
         (h)   Was convicted of violating a provision of this chapter twice within the two-year period immediately preceding the date of application.
   (D)   The excavation permit shall state to whom it is issued, location of work, location of facilities, dates and times work is to take place and any other condition set out by the city.
   (E)   The permit holder shall:
      (1)   Maintain a copy of the excavation permit and approved engineering plans at the construction site available for inspection by the city at all times when construction or installation work is occurring;
      (2)   Complete all construction work authorized by the permit in the time specified in the permit, unless the permit holder has obtained an extension from the city; and
      (3)   Provide the city access to the work and to such further information he or she may reasonably require to ensure compliance with the permit.
   (F)   The permit shall expire if the work authorized by the permit does not commence within 30 days from the date of issuance of the permit. The city may authorize renewal of the permit for two additional 30-day periods without resubmission of an application so long as the scope of work is not changed.
(Ord. 1018-2, passed 2-11-2019)