(A)   The person requesting an excavation permit will provide the city with the following documentation in the format specified by the city:
      (1)   The proposed approximate location and route of all facilities to be constructed or installed and the applicant's plan for right-of-way construction.
      (2)   Two sets of engineering plans, on a scale of one inch equals 50 feet unless otherwise approved by the city. When required by the Texas Engineering Practice Act, as amended, the plans must be sealed by a professional engineer licensed to practice in the State of Texas. The plans must include the horizontal alignment of all proposed facilities in relation to all existing public and private facilities in plain view. If the project is a major project, crosses street intersections, or involves crossing proposed facilities over or under existing facilities, the plans must also include a representation of the vertical alignment of the facilities in profile view. Each sheet of plans must have a note instructing the contractor to verify the location of underground utilities at least 100 feet in advance of all proposed utility crossings, and also at locations where the proposed facilities are shown to be running parallel to existing facilities within five feet.
      (3)   Description of the location of all right-of-way and utility easements which applicant plans to use.
      (4)   Detail of the facilities applicant proposes to install, such as pipe size, number of interducts, valves, etc.
      (5)   Detail of all existing city utilities in relationship to applicant's proposed route.
      (6)   Detail of plans to remove and replace asphalt or concrete in the street, using city standards and specifications.
      (7)   Drawings of any bores, trenches, handholes, manholes, switchgear, transformers, pedestals, etc., including depth.
      (8)   Handhole and/or manhole typical of type of manholes and/or handholes applicant plans to use or access.
      (9)   Complete legend of drawings, which may be provided by reference to documents previously submitted to the city.
      (10)   The name, address and telephone numbers of the contractor or subcontractor who will perform the actual construction, if known, including the name and telephone number of a representative of the contractor who may be reached 24 hours a day during construction.
      (11)   A statement that proof of insurance, bond or other required financial information as required by § 98.03 of this chapter is current and on file with the city.
      (12)   The construction and installation methods to be employed for the protection of existing structures, fixtures, and facilities within or adjacent to the right-of-way, and the estimated dates and times work will occur, all of which are subject to the reasonable approval of the city.
      (13)   A copy of any permit or approval issued by federal or state authorities for work in federal or state right-of-way located in the city.
      (14)   Verification that the applicant has a valid right-of-way registration from the city.
      (15)   Evidence that all other utility providers in the area have been given notice of the excavation. Notice to utilities subject to Tex. Utilities Code Chapter 251 may be accomplished by providing the city with the reference number assigned by the notification center established pursuant to Tex. Utilities Code Chapter 251.
      (16)   A copy of the applicant's traffic control plan and policy for work performed within the right-of-way.
      (17)   A statement by the applicant that the applicant has collected all available plans for existing city underground facilities and other public and private utilities and has included those facilities and utilities in the applicant's design, showing no apparent conflict. The statement must also affirm that the applicant will perform field verifications as necessary during construction to locate all city and other existing underground facilities.
   (B)   An applicant shall submit an application for an excavation permit at least ten working days before the commencement of work proposed in the application, unless waived by the city. If the applicant requests a permit for a major project, an applicant shall submit the application for an excavation permit at least 30 working days before the commencement of work proposed in the application.
   (C)   The city may require a pre-construction meeting with the permit holder and its construction contractor.
(Ord. 1018-2, passed 2-11-2019)