(A)   A registration holder or its contractor may trim trees in or over the rights-of-way for the safe and reliable operation, use and maintenance of its facilities. The registration holder shall trim the trees in such a manner to preserve as much vegetation and natural shape of trees as reasonably possible, and still accomplish a safe and effective tree trimming program. The registration holder shall make reasonable efforts to contact affected property owners prior to necessary tree trimming operations, with standards promulgated by the city.
   (B)   Should the registration holder or its contractor fail to remove the trimmings within 24 hours of trimming, unless a longer period is required for extraordinary conditions and conditions beyond the control of the registration holder, the city may remove the trimmings. Should the city remove the trimmings, the registration holder shall reimburse the city for all costs incurred within 30 days of receipt of an invoice from the city.
   (C)   A registration holder shall temporarily remove, raise or lower its aerial facilities to permit the moving of houses or other bulky structures, if the city first gives written notice of not less than five days. Should the registration holder or its contractor contact the city prior to the expiration of the five-day period and provide information indicating that the movement of the aerial facilities will require additional time, the city may authorize an alternate schedule. The expense of the temporary rearrangements shall be paid by the party requesting and benefitting from the temporary rearrangement. The registration holder may require prepayment or the posting of a bond from the party requesting the temporary rearrangement.
(Ord. 1018-2, passed 2-11-2019)