(A)   A utility provider which has facilities in the right-of-way existing as of the effective date of adoption of this chapter and has not provided the city "plans of record" plans shall provide such information to the city not later than one year after the effective date of this chapter in the format specified by the city and with as much detail and accuracy as required by the city. The registration holder shall submit "plans of record" in digital format as well as written. The registration holder is not required to include in the submission matters such as capacity of lines, customers, or details which it demonstrates, to the reasonable satisfaction of the city, to be confidential information or a breach of security, so long as the plans show the location and physical dimensions of the facilities.
   (B)   For facilities constructed after the effective date of this chapter, a registration holder shall provide the city with "plans of record" within 90 days of completion of facilities in the right-of-way. The plans shall be provided to the city in a format prescribed by the city, and in accordance with the provisions of division (A).
   (C)   The city, for good cause, may waive all, or portions of the requirements of divisions (A) and (B). The city may reassess waivers from time to time to determine whether the utility provider's ability to provide plans of record has changed.
   (D)   If a utility provider's plans of record include information expressly designated by the utility provider as a trade secret or other confidential information protected from disclosure by state law, the city may not disclose that information to the public without the consent of the utility provider, unless otherwise compelled by an opinion of the attorney general pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act, as amended, or by a court having jurisdiction of the matter pursuant to applicable law. This division may not be construed to authorize a public service provider to designate all matters in its plans of record as confidential or as trade secrets.
(Ord. 1018-2, passed 2-11-2019)