§ 150.17 MAILBOXES.
No one shall construct any mailbox or mailbox structure on any village property unless it complies with the following:
   (A)   It may only be constructed on a single wooden or plastic post not exceeding 4 inches by 4 inches in width or a standard steel post not exceeding 2 inches in diameter.
   (B)   The mailbox itself shall be approved by and conform with U.S. postal service standards and shall not be custom made.
   (C)   The mailbox shall not extend out over any street, curb or sidewalk or any private driveway in the village.
   (D)   The mailbox and post shall not exceed a total value of $50 for purposes of reimbursement for damage caused by village equipment.
(Ord. 99-2-1122, passed 2-22-1999)