(A)   All excavations or tunnels shall be made as directed by the village engineer. Proper bracing shall be maintained to prevent the collapse of adjoining ground and excavation shall not be greater in area below ground level than the area of the opening at the surface, with sides kept perpendicular or sloping over the top of the excavation toward the center of the bottom of the excavation. In addition, all openings in pavements shall be saw cut with square corners.
   (B)   No injury shall be done to any pipes, cables or conduits in the making of any excavation or tunnel. Notice shall be given by the applicant to all persons, firms or corporations maintaining any pipes, cables or conduits and to the village engineer where such pipes, cables or conduits are or may be endangered by the excavation or tunnel, the notice to be given at least 2 days prior to the time that the pipes, cables or conduits shall be disturbed. In addition, no damage or injury shall be done to any tree or shrub, or to the roots thereof.
(Ord. 72-0-203, passed 7-10-1972)