(A)   Prior to the construction of any residence dwelling in the village, a driveway shall be constructed connecting the lot(s) or tract of land upon which the residence building is to be constructed with the public street adjacent thereto.
   (B)   Every driveway constructed in the village for vehicles or animals, between any public street and any private property, shall be constructed with a culvert pipe not less than 12 inch "round equivalent" (15 inch span and 9 inch rise), and not less than 20 feet in length. The culvert pipe shall be laid so as not to interfere with the natural flow of water through the ditch of such driveway constructed. The culvert shall be set 2 inches below the existing grade of the ditch. Any exception must have prior written approval of the building inspector.
   (C)   The culvert pipe shall be covered with Illinois department of transportation specification CA 11 (grade 7 road gravel) compacted in 4 inch layers or bituminous surfacing to the road level. The culvert pipe ends shall be marked with a 6 foot metal stake on each end during construction. The stakes will be removed at the end of construction. No vehicle except village road maintenance vehicles shall be driven across any ditch in any public roadway, except over a driveway constructed as herein provided.
   (D)   No temporary occupancy permit for a residence shall be issued unless the culvert pipe and ditch work are completed to the satisfaction of the village building department.
(1968 Code § 61.21) (Ord. 78-0-361, passed 5-8-1978)