The term "watercraft" includes any type of boat or flotation device used for fishing and capable of transporting people. No person shall operate or be transported in a watercraft on a lake within the Village except if the following conditions are met:
   (A)   The watercraft must have affixed to its bow a current Village watercraft sticker as well as a current State of Illinois Department of Natural Resources sticker.
   (B)   The watercraft cannot have a gas powered engine. Watercraft with electric powered motors shall be limited to a maximum of 24 volts, except pontoon boats whose motors are not to exceed 48 volts.
   (C)   The watercraft immediately after leaving its dock or point of access to the lake must be operated in excess of 25 feet from any shoreline, beach area or roped off swimming area.
   (D)   No watercraft shall be operated within 25 feet of any swimmer.
(Ord. 98-11-1109, passed 11-23-1998; Am. Ord. 14-2-1946, passed 2-24-2014; Am. Ord. 19-7-2137, passed 7-22-2019)