A manufactured home park site plan and application may be approved by the City Council only after having first been reviewed by the Planning Board. A fee, as set forth by City Council, shall accompany each manufactured home park application. This fee shall be in addition to any other applicable fees, such as fee for a conditional use permit application.
   (A)   (1)   The Planning Board shall consider a site plan and application only after a completed application has been submitted to the Administrator. (Note: Prior to submission of the site plan and application, and prior to any disturbance of any land or vegetation it is recommended that the applicant consult with the Administrator or his or her designee in order for the applicant to be briefed on the requirements of this chapter and that consideration be given to natural features of the site.) Prior to the formal submission of the site plan and application the applicant is encouraged to submit a preliminary sketch plan for review by the Administrator.
      (2)   The formal site plan and application shall, as a minimum, include the following items:
         (a)   The name of the manufactured home park, the names and addresses of the owner(s) and the designer of the park, date, approximate north arrow and scale, and the boundary line survey of the tract with accurate linear and angular dimensions drawn to scale by a registered surveyor or engineer. A sketch vicinity map with north arrow shall be included showing the relationship between the proposed manufactured home park and the surrounding area;
         (b)   The locations of existing and platted property lines, streets, buildings, water courses, railroads, bridges, known gravesite areas, water mains, sewers, culverts, drainpipes and any utility easements, both on the land to be developed as a manufactured home park and on land immediately adjoining. The names of adjoining subdivisions and the names of owners of all adjoining parcels of land shall be noted;
         (c)   The names, proposed location and approximate dimensions of proposed streets, entrances, exits, walkways, easements, recreation areas, parking areas, parks and other spaces, reservations, manufactured home spaces (with area calculations and proposed space numbers shown) and building lines (with setback distances shown). See § 153.202(C) for staking requirements where individual septic tanks will be used. For all proposed internal streets within the manufactured home park the following information shall be provided:
            1.   Rights-of-way, location and dimensions;
            2.   Pavement widths;
            3.   Approximate grades;
            4.   Design engineering data for all corners and curves;
            5.   Typical street cross sections; and
            6.   Road names and whether to be public or private.
         (d)   Plans of proposed utility layouts (sewer lines, water lines, hydrants, storm drainage and the like) showing feasible connections to existing and proposed utility systems; plan for electric lighting; and the location and number of trash dumpsters and mail boxes;
         (e)   Proposed screening, including wall, fences or planting areas as well as treatment of any existing natural features;
         (f)   Delineation of areas within the regulatory floodplain as shown on the official flood hazard boundary maps;
         (g)   Proposed number and location of signs including both park identification signs and space identification numbers;
         (h)   Proposed phasing, if any, and approximate completion time of the project;
         (i)   The above divisions (A)(2)(a) through (A)(2)(h) shall be submitted on a plan drawn to a scale of one inch equals 50 feet or one inch equals 100 feet on sheet(s) not exceeding 24 inches by 36 inches. Twenty copies shall be submitted. Additional copies may be required by the Administrator if outside agency review is deemed appropriate;
         (j)   A management plan describing at a minimum how the common facilities will be maintained and how the park will be maintained in accordance with § 153.202(BB) of this chapter;
         (k)   If a conditional use permit is required the applicant’s site plan and application is submitted in lieu of the application required by § 153.236(A) of this chapter provided the site plan contains any additional information required by the section.
   (B)   The Administrator shall present any properly completed site plan and application to the Planning Board for review at the next meeting. The application must have been submitted to the Administrator at least 15 days prior to the meeting in order to be considered. If individual septic tanks are to be used or if review of the plan is to include outside agencies additional time for review prior to consideration by the Planning Board may be needed. The additional time shall be determined by the Administrator.
   (C)   The Planning Board shall have a maximum of 45 days from the date at which it met to review the application to submit its recommendation to the City Council. If a recommendation is not made during the 45-day period, the application shall be forwarded to the City Council without a recommendation from the Planning Board.
   (D)   When dealing with the application review process, it may be desirable to request additional information in order to evaluate the project and its relationship to the surrounding area. Therefore, the Administrator, Planning Board and/or City Council may request needed additional information as they deem necessary that the applicant must furnish within seven days of the request.
   (E)   Once the Planning Board has considered the proposal and forwarded its recommendation to the City Council, the City Council shall then review and take action on the manufactured home park plan. Approval of the manufactured park plan by the City Council shall not constitute approval of a conditional use permit when a conditional use permit is required.
   (F)   If a conditional use permit is required, the procedures in §§ 153.235 through 153.244 of this chapter shall be followed.
   (G)   Upon completion of the project (or each phase thereof) a complete set of “as-built” drawings shall be furnished to the city.
(Prior UDO, § 11.2)  Penalty, see § 153.999