(A)   This section applies to off-street parking in support of any principal use not specifically listed as a permitted use or conditional use in a Residential (R) District. Off-street parking in support of any principal use listed as permitted or conditional in a Residential (R) District is allowed as a customary accessory use.
   (B)   In order to construct off-street parking lots in a Residential (R) District, a conditional use permit must first be issued by the City Council in accordance with §§ 153.235 through 153.244 of this chapter. All parking lots shall meet the following minimum design criteria.
      (1)   Parking areas shall be used for the parking of automobiles only, with no sales, storage, repair work, dismantling or servicing of any kind permitted.
      (2)   All required parking spaces shall be of a design and located so as to be convenient and readily usable by the patrons.
      (3)   Sufficient area shall be provided within the property lines so that all vehicles may enter and leave in a forward motion.
      (4)   Where the boundary of a parking area permitted pursuant to this section is located in, directly adjoins or is separated by a street from a Residential (R) District, screening shall be installed pursuant to § 153.046(C) of this chapter. The screening shall be installed along the outside boundaries of the parking area (which may include streets and/or property lines) except that the screening shall not be required along any interior property line or street separating the parking area from the principal use. Also, landscaping in accordance with § 153.046 of the chapter shall be installed for all parking areas permitted pursuant to this section.
      (5)   All parking lots shall be constructed in a manner that contamination by dust or dust clouds will not exist. This is to be accomplished by concrete, asphalt or blacktop surfacing.
      (6)   If nighttime parking is to be permitted it shall be lighted with the provision that the lights shall be shielded so as to prevent direct beaming into adjoining areas located in a Residential (R) District.
(Prior UDO, § 10.4)  Penalty, see § 153.999