The code enforcement officer is authorized to exercise such powers as may be necessary or convenient to carry out and effectuate the purpose and provisions of this section, including the following powers in addition to others herein granted:
   (A)   To investigate nonresidential buildings and structures in the city to determine whether they have been properly maintained in compliance with the minimum standards established by this section so that the safety or health of the occupants or members of the general public are not jeopardized;
   (B)   To administer oaths and affirmations, examine witnesses and receive evidence;
   (C)   To enter upon premises for the purpose of making examinations and inspections provided that such entries shall be made in accordance with law and in such manner as to cause the least possible inconvenience to the persons in possession; and
   (D)   To appoint and fix duties of such officers, agents, and employees as the code enforcement officer deems necessary to carry out the purposes of this section.
(Ord. - -, passed 3-2-2017)