(A)   The provisions of this section shall apply to all nonresidential buildings or structures which are now in existence or which may be built within the corporate limits of the city.
   (B)   Every nonresidential building or structure and the premises on which it is situated shall comply with the provisions of this subchapter, whether or not such building or structure shall have been constructed, altered, or repaired before or after the enactment of this subchapter, and irrespective of any permits or licenses which have been issued for the use or occupancy of the building or structure or for the installment or repair of equipment or facilities. This section establishes minimum standards for all nonresidential buildings and structures and does not replace or modify standards otherwise established for the construction, repair, alteration, or use of the building or structure, equipment or facilities contained therein.
(Ord. - -, passed 3-2-2017)