(A)   A demolition permit shall be required for the removal of any structure. Any application for demolition of a structure 12,500 square feet or greater in size shall be accompanied by a demolition plan and the signature of the property owner. Such demolition plan may be prepared by either the property owner or a representative of the property owner and shall be binding upon subsequent property owners.
   (B)   The plan shall require the following:
      (1)   Identification of all above and below ground structures on the site including any wells and the applicant’s plan for their future use or closure;
      (2)   Any plans by the applicant for on-site burning of any materials;
      (3)   Removal of all mowing obstructions, construction debris and materials and removal of all above ground structural foundations on the footprint of the building(s) to be removed unless the applicant demonstrates that the foundation is to be reused in the redevelopment of the property with such redevelopment beginning within six months of the issuance of the demolition permit;
      (4)   Such materials shall be removed within one month of the removal of the structure(s). The property owner has the sole responsibility for the removal of such materials. The city is not responsible for removal of such materials;
      (5)   Upon demolition, sewer line(s) must be satisfactorily capped off by the property owner and/or contractor and inspected by the City Public Works Department Distribution and Collection Division and all utilities must be disconnected or capped;
      (6)   Paved parking areas may be retained on site, although the property owner is required to maintain such areas so that they do not detract from the overall appearance of the property;
      (7)   Upon demolition, the lot where the demolition has occurred shall be seeded and mulched, sodded or hydro-seeded with a silt fence installed to prevent and eliminate erosion in accordance with NCDENR specifications. This silt fence must be maintained in place until the lot has a vegetative cover of at least 80%. Any resulting holes (e.g., from basement levels) must be filled and returned to normal grade. The requirement for seeding, mulching, hydro-seeding or sodding may be waived at the discretion of the Zoning Administrator’s satisfaction if the applicant demonstrates to the Zoning Administrator’s satisfaction that redevelopment of the property will begin within six months of the issuance of the demolition permit;
      (8)   The anticipated schedule for demolition activities;
      (9)   A description of the applicant’s plans for ongoing post-demolition maintenance of the lot;
      (10)   All applications for demolition permits for structure(s) greater than 12,500 square feet in size shall be accompanied by payment of a secure bond in the form of cash, personal check, certified check, cashier’s check or surety bond in the amount of $4 per square foot of building area. Any company that writes the surety bond must be licensed by the State of North Carolina and have been rated A or higher by A. M. Best Company. Any bond in the form of cash or personal, certified or cashier’s check will be refunded within 30 days upon satisfactory completion and inspection of the subject property by the Zoning Administrator. Demolition activities involving structure(s) on a site with either individual total or cumulative total building area greater than 12,500 square feet are subject to this provision. In addition, demolition activities conducted in multiple phases on a site are subject to this provision if the cumulative square footage of the structures to be demolished exceeds 12,500 square feet.
      (11)   The maximum secure bond amount required for any demolition, regardless of the size of the structure shall not exceed $1,000,000.
      (12)   Structures on sites owned by local, state and federal governmental entities are exempt from this provision.
      (13)   Any demolition work to be performed as part of a new construction / redevelopment project and included as part of the scope of the work listed on the building permit application for the new construction shall not be required to provide a secured bond separate and apart from the new building permit.
      (14)   Failure on the part of the property owner or his or her contractor to completely demolish, remove and clear the premises as stipulated in the demolition plan after 30 days notice by the Zoning Administrator shall be cause for forfeiture of the bond.
      (15)   Failure to comply with the provisions of this section shall subject the violator to penalties, enforcement and abatement as provided in this code of ordinances.
(Ord. O-02-11, passed 5-5-2011)  Penalty, see § 150.999