§ 96.99  PENALTY.
   (A)   It shall be unlawful for any person to:
      (1)   Carry on a covered event without a required permit or registration receipt;
      (2)   Fail to terminate a covered event upon revocation of a permit;
      (3)   Conduct a covered event in violation of the terms and conditions of a permit issued for such event.
   (B)   Any violation of the provisions of this chapter shall subject the offender to a civil penalty of $100 for the first offense and $500 for a second and any subsequent offenses. Each day of violation shall constitute a separate offense. If a person fails to pay the civil penalties set forth herein within 20 days after being cited for a violation, the county may seek to recover the penalty by filing a civil action in the nature of debt.
   (C)   Each day the violation continues shall constitute a separate offense.
   (D)   The county, by and through its duly authorized authorities, including, but not limited to, the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, may seek to enforce the provisions of this chapter through any appropriate equitable remedy issued from a court of competent jurisdiction.
   (E)   A covered event for which a permit has not been approved, an event exempt from the chapter that otherwise would require a permit except for the exemption, or for which the stipulations of the permit which was approved are not met, or which is otherwise in violation of this chapter, may be shut down by law enforcement, but only if either the County Manager or the Lincoln County Sheriff or  designee determines that all of the conditions are present:
      (1)   The covered event constitutes an immediate and direct physical danger to citizens or property; and
      (2)   The above danger is of such an imminent nature that the remedy provided in division (D) above will not prevent the danger prior to its occurrence.
(Ord. passed 11-18-2013)