(A)   The schedule of fees for permitting and other fees for covered events shall be approved by Resolution of the Board of County Commissioners.
   (B)   The County Commission has the authority to waive permit fees and other required fees. The Commission will consider waiving fees if:
      (1)   The organization sponsoring the event is a not for profit organization;
      (2)   If any funds generated by the event are used to support the event for the following year or are used to support a community project;
      (3)   Other factors that may document the contribution the event makes to the community that would justify waiving fees.
   (C)   If other fees for services are required, they must be paid up front, prior to the event.  If the event is canceled and the county is provided 24 hours notice, the fees for stand by service will be refunded.
   (D)   There may be other fire inspection, health and facility usage permits/fees that may be charged.
   (E)   All permits pertaining to any special events and/or mass gatherings must be obtained prior to the event and copies must be submitted to Parks and Recreation Department (Ex: NCDOT, ABC permit).
(Ord. passed 11-18-2013)