(A)   A covered event shall be approved upon the timely completion of the application required herein, unless the reviewing departments find one or more of the following:
      (1)   The covered event time and location coincide with another covered event for which a covered event permit has been issued, and it is determined by the county or any department that there is a demonstrable safety or logistical concern with allowing two covered events to proceed simultaneously during the same time or at the same location. By way of illustration, but not limitation, safety or logistical concerns could include, but not be limited to, events that would unduly burden the resources of law enforcement or emergency services personnel, or would, by the simultaneous time or location thereof, create the potential for traffic hazards;
      (2) The covered event will substantially interrupt the safe and orderly movement of pedestrian or vehicular traffic at or contiguous to its location in such a manner that cannot be adequately controlled by the county's public safety departments;
      (3)   The event will constitute a substantial hazard to the public safety or materially interfere with or endanger the public peace or rights of residents to the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of their property;
      (4)   The concentration of persons, animals, and vehicles at assembly points for or at the location of the special event will substantially interfere with the county's ability to provide adequate fire, police and emergency medical services to the public; or
      (5)   The Lincoln County Covered Event Application Review Committee determines that the event plan does not adequately account for and protect the public health and safety needs of the citizens of Lincoln County would be compromised.
   (B)   It shall be impermissible for the Review Committee or its members to inquire into the nature or content of speech to be held or to deny an application because of the content or purpose of the covered event.
   (C)   All covered events must comply with, and provide proof of compliance with, the following:
      (1)   All federal, state, local and event sanctioning authority mandated medical coverage requirements;
      (2)   Lincoln County EMS Medical Standards for Mass Gatherings, if applicable;
      (3)   Lincoln County EMS shall be the primary service provider for Lincoln County; if additional emergency medical services are provided by the applicant, they will only be permitted to function under the authority of Lincoln County EMS;
      (4)   All state, federal and local fire safety and prevention standards, codes and permitting requirements must be met. The Fire Department in the district where the event is to be held shall be primary and all others must function under the authority of that respective department;
      (5)   For events where alcohol is provided,  served, or sold, event organizer must secure a valid ABC permit. Copies of this permit must be forwarded to the Parks and Recreation Department prior to the event;
      (6)   Animals are not allowed at covered events unless as a specified part of event and provided in the application therefore.  Animals brought by spectators or participants, except as service animals,  shall not be allowed;
      (7)   Event organizers shall remove all trash and debris and shall clean up immediately after a covered event;
      (8)   The county, in its discretion, may require the applicant to provide liability and/or special events insurance coverage for the covered event;
      (9)   Mass gatherings of 1,000 people or more must have a Crowd Control Manager for 250 people (per NC Fire Code). Event organizer must provide a trained Crowd Control Manager;
      (10)   All road closures or events that will impact traffic must be approved by the NC Department of Transportation;
      (11)   Any event that takes place on or around the lake must have the approval of both Duke Energy and the Lake Norman Marine Commission;
      (12)   Submit a completed application in the format required by the county, which shall contain information such as the following, which will be critical in evaluating the citizen impact and public safety related to the event:
         (a)   General information related to the event such as:
            1.   If amplified sound will be used;
            2.   If electrical connections are required;
            3.   If tents, trailers, inflatable/air supported devices, fencing, scaffolding, etc. will be involved in this event;
            4.   If alcohol will be provided, served or sold;
            5.   If and how many motorized vehicles (cars, boats, tractors, etc.)are involved in the event;
            6.   If and how many vendors will be involved in the event;
            7.   If vendors will be serving or cooking food;
            8.   If fireworks or other potentially hazardous materials will be used;
            9.   If there will be an admission charge;
            10.   If animals will be involved with the event;
            11.   First aid plans;
            12.   The number of toilets that will be accessible;
            13.   Parking plans;
            14.   Signage plan;
            15.   Crowd control plan;
            16.   Traffic control plan;
            17.   Weather contingency plans;
            18.   The amount and type of insurance that will be secured;
         (b)   Information on county, and fire support services that may be required from:
            1.   Security/law enforcement;
            2.   Fire/rescue;
            3.   Emergency medical services standby;
            4.   Waste clean up;
            5.   Other (Park and Recreation, Health, Public Works).
(Ord. passed 11-18-2013)