(A)   No person shall have, hold, sponsor, or cause to be had, held, or sponsored, or allow to be had,  held or sponsored on any real property they own in Lincoln County any covered event without having first applied for and received a permit from the county to hold the covered event, except as provided in § 96.08.
   (B)   All applications for covered event permits must be made through the Lincoln County Parks and Recreation Department. An application must be submitted for each event proposed, and completed in its entirety. No application shall be considered submitted until, all information required by the application form has been provided,
   (C)   Applications for covered event permits shall be submitted at least 30 business days prior to the date of the covered event. The County Manager or his/her designee shall have the authority to reduce this time period for good cause shown.
   (D)   (1)   The Lincoln County Parks and Recreation Department will forward covered event applications for review by the Lincoln County Special Event/Mass Gathering Application Review Committee.  The Committee will include representatives from the following county departments, and fire departments:
         (a)   Sheriff's Office;
         (b)   Emergency Medical Services;
         (c)   Fire Marshal/Emergency Management;
         (d)   Fire Department representative from district in which event is planned;
         (e)   Parks and Recreation;
         (f)   Health Department/Environmental Health;
         (g)   Public Works;
         (h)   911 Communications Center;
         (i)   Planning and Inspections.
      (2)   For informational purposes the following organizations may also be notified:
         (a)   North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT);
         (b)   Duke Energy Lake Management;
         (c)   Lake Norman Marine Commission;
         (d)   NC Highway Patrol;
      (3)   If an event permit is requested for an event in the city limits of Lincolnton, the Committee will forward the application to the city to be considered under their application process.
      (4)   In order to receive a permit, the application must receive approval from each entity represented on the Committee.
   (E)   Lincoln County Special Event/Mass Gathering Application Review Committee may set conditions for permit approval. The applicant may for example, be required to pay for fire/rescue/ medical stand by, and security/law enforcement in order for permit approval. The applicant may be required to pay additional fees if county facilities are being used.
   (F)   Every covered events must meet all North Carolina Building Codes, National Electric Code and ADA Requirements
(Ord. passed 11-18-2013)