(A)   The purpose of this chapter is to establish a structured process for permitting the staging of special planned public events, mass gatherings, and/or television and film activities to ensure proper planning and adequate allocation of county resources for events and to protect the health and safety of the public attending such events.
   (B)   This chapter will not apply to events or mass gatherings sponsored by local, state or federal government agencies, or schools located in Lincoln County, as planning for events and allocation of necessary resources is already coordinated. This chapter shall not apply to regular church or worship activities or events. This chapter shall also not apply to businesses holding events in venues designated to hold large numbers of people, where there is already a safety and emergency plan approved by the county.
   (C)   When it is determined that an event does not meet the threshold of requiring a permit, but notification of emergency first responders is recommended, the Park and Recreation Department will forward the information to the appropriate agencies.
(Ord. passed 11-18-2013)