General Provisions
   95.001   Title
   95.002   Applicability
   95.003   Authority and mission
   95.004   State code and amendments
   95.005   Jurisdiction
   95.006   Effective date
   95.007   Definitions and abbreviations
Permit, Application, and Review
   95.020   Definition
   95.021   Permits required
   95.022   Information required with applications
   95.023   Plan review
   95.024   Sprinkler/standpipe application, review, and permits
   95.025   Fire alarm system application, review, and permits
   95.026   Automatic fire suppression system permits
Permit Types
   95.040   Generally
   95.041   Storage tanks application, review, and permits (commercial or business)
   95.042   Open burning (within 100 feet of a structure)
   95.043   Fireworks permits
   95.044   Other permits
   95.045   Operational permits
   95.046   Construction permits
Fee Administration
   95.060   Fees
   95.061   Civil citation fees
General Regulations
   95.075   Fire lanes
   95.076   Fire hydrants
   95.077   Hazardous materials disclosure
   95.078   Display of address numbers
   95.079   High-rack dry storage for boats, also known as high-piled combustible storage and high-rack storage systems
   95.080   Marinas, boatyards, yacht clubs, boat condominiums, docking facilities, and all associated piers, docks, and floats
   95.081   Key boxes
   95.082   Smoke detectors (for rental property; landlords and tenants)
Haunted Houses
   95.095   Generally
   95.096   Permit required
   95.097   Permit issuance procedure
   95.098   Inspection and revocation of permit
   95.099   Regulations regarding the use of Halloween haunted houses
Decorative Materials and Pyrotechnics
   95.110   Generally
   95.125   Notice of violations
   95.126   Civil citation
   95.127   Summary abatement
   95.128   False alarms
   95.129   Open burning violations
   95.130   Carelessness with fire
   95.131   Accumulations of waste materials
   95.132   Unsafe, defective buildings or systems
   95.133   Code violations
Scheduled Inspections
   95.145   Inspections; generally
   95.146   Annual
   95.147   Once every two years
   95.148   Once every three years
   95.149   To be free of charge
Reporting a Hazard or Violation
   95.160   Hazards and violations
   95.161   How to report a hazard or violation
   95.162   Required information for complaints
   95.163   Records
   95.999   Penalty
   Appendix A:   Service and Permit Fee Schedule for Operational Permits
   Appendix B:   Service and Inspection Fee Schedule
   Appendix C:   Service and Permit Fee Schedule for Construction Permits
   Appendix D:   Administrative Fees
   Appendix E:   Civil Citations