(A)    Waiver Option
      (1)   In lieu of on-site stormwater facilities and measures, the use of off-site stormwater facilities and measures, together with on-site soil erosion control, may be proposed. In such cases, the applicant shall request a waiver of the requirements for on-site stormwater runoff control. The waiver request shall be submitted to the City Engineer with a permit application and a soil erosion and stormwater runoff control plan, including information specified in 1066.08 of this Chapter. This waiver option does not allow for changes in requirements for on-site soil erosion control.
   (B)   Shared Off-Site Stormwater Control Facilities
      (1)   Off-site stormwater control areas may be shared between two or more property owners or developments, provided that maintenance agreements have been approved by the City Engineer and easements have been obtained and recorded.
      (2)   Stormwater management easements are required for all areas used for off-site stormwater control unless an exception has been granted by the City Engineer. Easements shall be recorded with the Allen County Recorder's Office prior to approval of the final development plan by the City Engineer.
   (C)    Applicable Standards
      (1)   General Standards specified in Section 1066.09 of this Chapter shall be used in reviewing proposed soil erosion and stormwater runoff control plans for off-site stormwater facilities and measures.
(Ord. 91-06. Passed 3-27-06, Ord. 80-14. Passed 3-24-14)