(A)   No person shall construct, reconstruct, pave, or resurface any off-street parking facilities parallel to an unimproved street and within the public right-of-way without first submitting plans for drainage and the type of surface improvement for such parking facilities to the City Engineer and obtaining a permit from the City Engineer after the City Engineer's inspection and approval of such plans. The fee for said permit shall be as provided in Section 1070.01.
   (B)   Off-street parallel parking facilities approved under subsection (A) hereof must comply with hard surface standards adopted by the City Engineer, be no greater than 400 square feet in size, accommodate no more than two motor vehicles, and be accessible from the unimproved street. For purposes of this section, "motor vehicles" has the same meaning as in Section 1806.14 of the Codified Ordinances.
(Ord. 057-17. Passed 4-10-17.)