1024.04   LAYOUT.
   (A)   The layout of all driveways must be approved by the City Engineer.
   (B)   Driveways near street intersections shall be constructed so that the end of the curb cut nearest the intersection is not less than twenty feet from the end of the curb radius of the intersecting streets. Driveways at intersections where there are traffic actuated traffic signals shall be located so that they will not interfere with the operation of such traffic signals.
   (C)   Where driveways are serving interior lots, the curb cut shall not extend beyond a point which is at right angles to the street line at the corner of the lot.
   (D)   Driveway layouts for filling stations or industrial or business buildings shall be approved by the City Engineer before issuance of any building permit therefor.
   (E)   When the owner of any existing or proposed building or structure contemplates construction of a driveway at the same time he plans to construct or make alterations to a building or structure, such owner shall have the driveway layout approved by the City Engineer before receiving the building permit.