The Board shall adopt, amend, and enforce rules for the classified service, shall keep minutes of its proceedings, and records of its examinations, and shall make investigations concerning the enforcement and effect of the civil service provisions and the rules thereunder, provided, however, that all rules adopted or amended by the Board shall be first approved by City Council. Copies of the rules shall be available to all employees in the classified service and to the public. The rules shall include, but not be limited to, provisions for:
   (a)   the classification, standardization, and general uniformity of salaries and payroll period of all positions in the classified service;
   (b)   open competitive examinations to test the merit and relative fitness of applicants for such positions, when determined practicable by the Board;
   (c)   public notice in a newspaper of general circulation in the City of Lima at least once a week for two consecutive weeks in advance of the time and place of all competitive examinations;
   (d)   the rejection of candidates and/or eligibles who fail to meet the minimum qualifications of the position as determined by the job specifications, or who have attempted deception or fraud in connection with any examination;
   (e)   the establishment and maintenance of re-employment lists, eligibility lists, and for temporary employment without examination with the approval of the Board in the absence of an eligible list;
   (f)   promotion, so far as practicable, based on competitive examination and records of efficiency, character, conduct and seniority;
   (g)   suspension, discharge or reduction in rank, grade, and/or compensation, for purposes of discipline;
   (h)   investigating and keeping a record of the efficiency of officers and employees in the classified service, and for requiring markings and records relative thereto from appointing officers.
   (i)   a period of probation before an original appointment or promotion is made permanent, during which period a probationer whose services have not been satisfactory may be discharged or reduced;
   (j)   the layoff or reduction in rank or compensation of employees because of a shortage of funds or work, or a material change in duties or organization.
   (k)   political activity on the part of or with respect to persons in the classified service adopted in accordance with section 94 of this charter. (Amended 11-3-09)