The civil service of the City is hereby divided into the unclassified and classified service.
      (1)   The unclassified service shall include:
      (a)   All officers elected by the people.
      (b)   The members of all appointed boards, commissions and advisory boards.
      (c)   All heads of departments and deputies with exception of Police and Fire Departments.
      (d)   The secretary of the Mayor.
      (e)   The Clerk of the Council.
      (f)   The employees of the Department of Law.
      (g)   Deputy City Auditor.
      (h)   The attorneys of the Public Defender’s Office.
      (2)   The classified service shall comprise all other positions not specially listed in the unclassified service.
      (3)   Any department head or deputy selected from the classified service shall be eligible, for a period of 2 years from the date of such selection,  for reinstatement to the person’s previous classified civil service position (or an equivalent position as determined by the Board) if the position is open. (Amended 11-3-09)