Ordinances, or parts thereof, submitted to vote of the electors in accordance with  the initiative and referendum provisions of this Charter shall be submitted by ballot title. There shall appear upon the official ballot a ballot title, which may be distinct from the legal title of any such proposed or referred ordinance, and which shall be a clear, concise statement, without argument or prejudice, descriptive of the substance of such ordinance, or part thereof. The ballot title shall be prepared by the City Law Director. The ballots used in voting upon any such ordinance, or part thereof, shall have below the ballot title thereof the two following propositions, one above the other, in order indicated:  "For the ordinance" and "Against the ordinance".  Any number of ordinances, or parts thereof, may be voted upon at the same election and may be submitted on the same ballot.  If a majority of the electors voting on any ordinance, submitted in accordance with the initiative provisions of this Charter, shall vote in favor thereof, it shall thereupon become an ordinance of the City. If an ordinance or part of an ordinance, submitted in accordance with the referendum provisions of this Charter, is not approved by a majority of those voting thereon, it shall be deemed repealed. (Amended 5-7-13)