(A)   If a majority of the votes cast on the question of recalling an elective officer of the City are against the recall, the officer shall continue in office for the remainder of the unexpired term, but shall remain subject to a new recall petition.  If a majority of votes are for the recall of the officer, the officer shall, regardless of any defect in the recall petition, be deemed removed from office on the date the election results are certified by the election authorities.
   (B)   When a person is removed from office by recall, Council shall appoint a qualified person to serve for the remainder of the unexpired term of the officer recalled. The Mayor may appoint a person to hold the office of the person recalled as an acting officer and to perform the duties thereof between the occurrence of the recall and the time when the person appointed by the City Council takes the office.
   (C)   Any person who is recalled from an elective office of the city shall not be eligible for election or appointment to any elective office of the city for a period of one (1) year from the date of the recall election. (Amended 5-7-13)