The planning commission, as an advisory body to the city council, shall perform and have the following duties and responsibilities:
   A.   Assist in the preparation of a comprehensive plan and development regulations in compliance with Revised Code Of Washington 36.70A and 35A.63 including the establishment of procedures for early and continuous public participation in the development and amendment of the comprehensive plan and the development regulations;
   B.   Review plans and regulations related to land use management, shoreline management, environmental policy, transportation systems and capital infrastructure planning and development;
   C.   Upon request from the mayor or city council, review potential annexations to the city;
   D.   Where design review is required by land use ordinances of the city, perform such design review unless that review is delegated to some other appointed body or city staff;
   E.   Identify issues and recommend priorities for geographic subareas including park and open space areas in the city;
   F.   Meet and confer with the hearing examiner to review the administration of land use policies and ordinances to enhance the planning and permitting process;
   G.   Make monthly written and oral reports to the city council setting forth the progress in completing work;
   H.   Hold public hearings in the exercise of duties and responsibilities;
   I.   Perform such other duties and powers as may be conferred by ordinance, resolution or motion of the city council.
Unless otherwise assumed by the city council, the planning commission shall hold all public hearings required to be held in the course of adoption or amendment to the comprehensive plan, the zoning code, adoption or amendment of the zoning map, or adoption or amendment of regulations for the subdivision of land, shoreline management, environmental regulations and other land use ordinances of the city. (Ord. 75, 12-11-2001)