A.   Liberty Lake Golf Course And Recreational Fund: There is hereby established a fund to be known as the Liberty Lake Golf Course and Recreational Fund into which monies shall be deposited and received by the City with expenditures authorized as are properly chargeable to the fund. Monies in the fund shall be used for all purposes consistent with the general operation and maintenance of the fund. The fund accounting and all expenditures shall be according to rules developed by the State auditor. Annually during the budget process, the City shall estimate revenues and anticipated appropriations for this fund. (Ord. 97, 8-6-2002)
   B.   Golf Fund Change Making Account: The Mayor or designee is hereby authorized to establish a Golf Fund cash account in the amount of four hundred dollars ($400.00). This fund is established to facilitate minor authorized cash transactions for the making of change. The fund shall be administered by the Mayor, Finance Director, or designees, in accordance with rules or policies providing for such lawful administration. (Ord. 116-A, 5-1-2012)