(A)   The Advisory Committee shall serve at the pleasure of and as the advisory body for the Town of Liberty and surrounding area on issues relative to parks and recreation. The Advisory Committee shall advise the Park and Recreation Director, Town Manager and Town Council within it responsibilities and powers as stated in this subchapter.
   (B)   The Advisory Committee shall serve as a liaison between the Parks and Recreation Director and the citizens of Liberty and surrounding area.
   (C)   The Advisory Committee shall consult with and advise the Parks and Recreation Director in matters affecting park/recreation programs, facilities, policies, finances and the acquisition and disposal of lands and properties and its long-range, projected plan for parks and recreation.
   (D)   The Advisory Committee shall also assume specific duties and responsibilities as follows:
      (1)   To investigate and determine the needs, interests and goals of the community for recreation facilities and programs and make recommendations to the Director, Manager and Town Council to meet those needs and goals;
      (2)   To inform and educate the general public of the importance and need for park and recreation programs, facilities and services;
      (3)   To seek and make recommendations on the acceptance of grants, gifts, bequests, donations and personal or real property for park and recreation purposes;
      (4)   To assist the Park and Recreation Department in developing cooperative arrangements with other organizations and private groups, when it will further the objective of providing more and varied kinds of park and recreation programs for the citizens of the community;
      (5)   To assist the Park and Recreation Department in recruiting voluntary leadership staff to work with park/recreation programs and activities;
      (6)   To assist in matters relating to the maintaining of the highest standards in park development and operation, park/recreation leadership and in a well balanced program;
      (7)   To assist in developing a plan to meet the present and future needs for programs, services, parks, facilities, open spaces and trails and to advise in developing priorities for each of these;
      (8)   To receive information and reports from staff concerning the evaluation of programs, facilities, policies and procedures; and
      (9)   Upon request, recommend approval of rules, and procedures pertaining to the use of public parks and facilities including suggested fees and charges.
(Ord. passed 4-22-1991)