This document encompasses the efforts of many Lewisville residents who have contributed substantially to a year-long effort to refine and update Lewisville’s Comprehensive Plan. This document contains the guidelines that address community issues such as land use, transportation, natural environment, community character, housing, neighborhoods, community facilities, community services, governance, health, safety and wellness, commercial districts and citizen engagement.
   This Comprehensive Plan is designed to provide direction to the Town for the next five years. Findings and recommendations within this document may serve as the basis for possible new ordinances, regulations and policies that will be used to shape our community.
   In reviewing these proposed changes, four themes are prevalent throughout the document: fiscal responsibility, sustainable growth, livable design and  the overall health, safety and well- being of the Town and its citizens.
   This document is intended to be dynamic in nature and flexible enough to adapt to the changes that are inevitable in a growing community.
   The Mayor and Council of the Town of Lewisville acknowledge with gratitude the work of  the numerous residents who participated on the various Citizen Input meetings and citizen surveys associated with the development of this document.