A.   Removal Of Obstructions At Fire: The officer in charge at any fire may order the removal or destruction of any fence, building or structure, or that any utility be closed, cut or removed when deemed necessary to control, extinguish or prevent the spread of fire. (1980 Code § 10-132)
   B.   Control Of Persons: All persons present at a fire shall obey the lawful orders of any firefighters. (1980 Code § 10-133)
   C.   Interference With Firefighters In Discharge Of Duties: Every person at the scene of any fire who wilfully disobeys the lawful orders of any public officer or firefighter, or offers any resistance to or interference with the efforts of any firefighter, or company of firefighters to extinguish the same, or engages in any disorderly conduct calculated to prevent the same from being extinguished, or who forbids, prevents or dissuades others from assisting to extinguish the same, is guilty of an infraction and, upon conviction thereof, subject to penalty as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code. (1980 Code § 10-134; amd. 2002 Code)
   D.   Unlawful Interference: Any person who shall wilfully hinder any officer or firefighter in the discharge of his duty at a fire, or in any manner injure, deface or destroy any engine, hose or other fire apparatus belonging to the city, or who shall interfere with any fire company or person, or who shall wilfully break or injure any water pipe or interfere with the water or its source of supply, shall be deemed guilty of a class B misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, subject to penalty as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code. (1980 Code § 10-135; amd. 2002 Code)
   E.   Investigation After Fire; Report: The fire chief, or such other persons as he shall designate, shall, after extinguishing a fire, make a prompt and thorough investigation of the cause of the fire, the time the fire began, the amount of loss and insurance, a description of the affected buildings and premises, and shall secure all other useful information available, and record the same in a record book kept for that purpose in the office of the department and shall report the same to the city council at such time as it may direct. (1980 Code § 10-136)
   F.   Right To Enter And Inspect: The fire chief or his deputies, upon presentation of proper credentials, shall have the right to enter upon any premises at all reasonable hours for the purpose of making inspections. (1980 Code § 10-137)
   G.   Persons Present Subject To Orders: Every capable person eighteen (18) years or older present at a fire shall be subject to the orders of the officer in command and shall render assistance in the manner directed by the officer in command. (1980 Code § 10-138; amd. 2002 Code)
   H.   False Alarm: It shall be unlawful for any person to turn in or report to the fire department a false alarm or report of a fire or to tamper or remove any part of the fire alarm system. (1980 Code § 10-139)