A.   Supervision Of Department: The fire chief shall have responsibility for the general supervision of the department.
   B.   Control And Extinguish Fire: During a fire, the fire chief shall have full authority to take all measures as he shall deem necessary, subject to state law, to control and extinguish the fire and for that purpose he is hereby made a special peace officer.
   C.   Report Information To City Council: The fire chief shall, at least quarterly, report to the city council the condition of the fire equipment, the number of fires and their causes and the estimated loss therefrom, together with such other information as the city council may request or as he shall deem appropriate.
   D.   Enforce Fire Protection And Prevention: The fire chief shall strictly enforce all of the provisions of the ordinances of the city relating to the protection against and prevention of fire.
   E.   Maintain Equipment: The fire chief shall maintain the equipment of the department in good repair and order and ready for use.
   F.   Establish Rules And Regulations: The fire chief, subject to the approval of the mayor and city council, shall establish rules and regulations for the operation of the department.
   G.   Delegate Duties: The fire chief may delegate his duties to any person employed by the department, but such delegation shall not relieve the fire chief of his responsibility for the performance thereof.
   H.   Investigation Of Fires: The fire chief shall cause all fires to be promptly investigated to determine the cause of the fire and report the cause of the fire, the time originated and such other information as may be relevant to prevent other fires. (1980 Code § 10-122)
   I.   Employ Firefighters And Personnel: The fire chief may make recommendations to the mayor relating to the employment of firefighters and such other personnel as may be necessary to enforce the provisions of this chapter. The fire chief may employ such additional personnel as the mayor and city council may direct or authorize. (1980 Code § 10-123)