The lack of any information required by this title, or improper information supplied by the applicant, shall be cause for the City Zoning Administrator to find the subdivision application incomplete. An incomplete subdivision application shall be prohibited from being scheduled on a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting agenda. The Planning and Zoning Commission shall not consider any material, items or other information related to the proposed subdivision if the application is incomplete. If the City Zoning Administrator determines that the subdivision application lacks any information as required by this title, the Zoning Administrator shall notify the applicant of the information lacking from the subdivision application. The Zoning Administrator shall allow sixty (60) days from the date of notification of an incomplete subdivision application for the applicant to provide the required information and provide a complete subdivision application to the Zoning Administrator. If the application for a subdivision approval remains incomplete after sixty (60) days from date of notification of an incomplete subdivision application, the Zoning Administrator shall return the entire incomplete subdivision application to the applicant, accompanied by all subdivision application fees paid less any administrative expenses incurred by the City to process the application. (Ord. 13-01, 4-16-2013)