The Le Sueur Charter Commission shall consist of nine (9) members, of which a maximum of two (2) may be active elected or appointed City Council Members. 
   The Mayor shall appoint one (1) member of the active City Council to serve on the Charter Commission.  If after solicitation and recruitment to fill a vacancy fails, a second member of the Le Sueur City Council shall be appointed by the Mayor.  These appointments shall align with the appointed City Council member's current term.
   Terms shall commence on January 1st of a given year and last a total of four (4) years, expiring on December 31st.  Terms shall be staggered in a manner where no more than five (5) member terms are expired in any given year.  This shall be obtained by staggering terms by two (2) years.
(Ord. 576, passed 6-25-2018)