No disbursement of city funds shall be made except by check signed by the City Clerk and Mayor in accordance with the provisions of Charter § 7.10. No check shall be issued until the claim to which it relates has been supported by an itemized bill, payroll or time sheet approved and signed by the City Administrator who has vouched for its correctness and reasonableness. Whenever the amount of the check shall exceed $500, the voucher from the City Administrator shall be submitted to the City Council for approval prior to the issuance of the check. Checks under $500 may be issued at the discretion of the City Administrator in accordance with this section. During any time there is not a duly qualified and acting City Administrator, the City Council may direct that claims may be approved and signed by the department head or other person designated by the Council. It shall be noted on each contract requiring the payment of money by the city the particular fund out of which it is to be paid. In the absence of any further regulation by the Council, the City Clerk may issue checks for disbursements previously authorized by the Council upon the presentation of the itemized statement approved and signed by the City Administrator. The payments may be made without further allowance of the Council; provided, that the signed and approved itemized statements are available for the inspection of the Council at its next regular meeting. When the City Administrator has any question about the validity of the claim, he or she may withhold payment until specific approval has been given by the Council.
(1973 Code, § 2-5)  (Ord. 311, passed 8-9-1971)
Charter reference:
   How disbursements made from city funds, see Charter § 7.10
Statutory reference:
   Disbursements from city treasury, see M.S § 427.06