(A)   The City Council takes cognizance of reported activities of organized groups of individuals in other cities in the United States, such as so-called “sit-ins” held in the offices and hallways of buildings in which governmental business is transacted; disruption of vehicular and pedestrian traffic designed to prevent or delay governmental personnel from reaching their places of duty; failing or refusing to obey the lawful orders of police officers and others in authority and the like, and as is generally known to all who read the newspapers, all for the avowed purpose of preventing public officers and employees from performing their duties and thereby preventing altogether, or hindering and delaying, the transaction of governmental business and nullifying important functions of government.
   (B)   The City Council takes further cognizance of the fact that this city is a municipal corporation existing under the laws of the state, with a representative form of government in harmony with the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Minnesota, and that the primary purpose of the city government is to serve the people of the city; and the City Council finds that activities of groups of individuals or of individuals which are intended and designed to prevent, delay, hinder or otherwise impair the lawful transaction of city business or functions of the city government constitute a clear and present danger to the good order and government of the city for its established purposes; for though but one organized effort may not be wholly effective, nevertheless, if it is not promptly and firmly dealt with, other efforts may be expected to follow, so that any one organized effort does in fact constitute a clear and present danger to the ability of the city government to serve the people of the city, and to the very survival of the city as a lawful municipal corporation.
   (C)   Therefore, and in view of the foregoing findings, it shall be unlawful for any person, acting alone or in concert with one or more other persons, to commit any act or omission, otherwise lawful, with intent to prevent, delay, confuse, disrupt, pervert or render ineffective the orderly and timely transaction of any city business or any governmental or proprietary function of the city.
(1973 Code, § 18-19)  Penalty, see § 10.99
Statutory reference:
   Promulgate reasonable rules and regulations to protect the use and lawful access to, egress from and proper use of public property from organized or calculated confusion, disturbance or delay, see M.S. § 624.72