(A)   All residential refuse shall be stored in a container provided by a contractor who has a permit to collect, transport and dispose of residential refuse received from the city or other appropriate storage container.
   (B)   The owner or occupant of each dwelling unit shall cause the container or containers of residential refuse to be placed at curb side or whenever an alley exists adjacent to residential property, the container shall be placed adjacent to the alley for collection by the contractor. The contractor shall notify the owners and occupants of dwelling units, the date and the approximate time collection will take place. Owners and occupants of dwelling units shall remove the empty containers from curb side or alleys within 12 hours after collection by the contractor and store them in or near the dwelling unit.
   (C)   During any period of severe snow accumulation, where normal pick-up by the contractor of residential refuse is not feasible, the city may declare a snow emergency and upon notice thereof, given through available news media within the city, containers shall be placed at curb side or near alleys on a different date for collection and disposal purposes as specified by city notice. Owners and occupants of dwelling units shall keep their premises free from undue accumulation of snow so as not to interfere with collection of residential refuse.
(Ord. 447, passed 5-11-1998)