For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   COMPULSORY DISPOSAL LIST.  The list of residential dwellings located within the city that occupants of which are required to pay a monthly unit service fee for the collection, transportation and disposal of waste.
   COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL REFUSE.  All waste, garbage, refuse, sludge and other discarded waste materials resulting from industrial and/or commercial activities that is not residential refuse.
   CURBIE COLLECTION SYSTEM.  The curb side cart system implemented by the city and the contractor.
   MULTIPLE RESIDENCE.  Any single structure containing five or more dwelling units.
   RECYCLABLE MATERIALS.  Materials consisting of boxboard, newsprint, mixed mail, magazines, glass containers (clear, green and brown), tin and aluminum containers and plastic containers. (Number 1 -P.E.T.E. and Number 2 -H.D.P.E.).
   RESIDENTIAL BUILDING.  Any building containing one dwelling unit including detached, semi-detached and attached buildings. A dwelling unit is a residential accommodation including complete bathroom and/or kitchen facilities permanently installed which are arranged, designed, used or intended for use exclusively as living quarters for one family or not more than an aggregate of four roomers or boarders. Permitted home occupations shall not be considered to create additional dwelling units.
   RESIDENTIAL REFUSE.  Wastes, garbage and rubbish of all kinds that accumulate in the ordinary operation of a household; provided, however, RESIDENTIAL REFUSE does not mean hazardous wastes or grass trimmings, tree trimmings, shrub trimmings, dead leaves and other organic matter collected on a lawn or yard. RESIDENTIAL REFUSE shall also include demolition materials and other rubbish and garbage created by the razing of all or portions of residential homes that are located within residentially zoned districts as more specifically defined and set forth in Chapter 153 of this code.
(Ord. 447, passed 5-11-1998)