Within thirty (30) days after the filing of the original certificate, the committee shall file the completed petition in the office of the city clerk. The number of signers required shall be thirty per cent (30%)  of the total number of electors qualified to vote for the office designated in the petition who cast their vote in the last preceding presidential year general election. The city clerk shall examine the petition within the next five (5) days and if the clerk finds it insufficient or irregular in any way, they shall so notify one or more members of the committee. The committee shall then be given ten days in which to file additional signature papers and to correct the petition in all other respects, but they may not change the statement of the grounds upon which the recall is sought. If at the end of that time the city clerk finds the petition still insufficient or irregular, the clerk shall notify all the members of the committee to that effect and shall file the petition in the clerk's office. No further action shall be taken thereon.
(Ord. 556, passed 6-27-2016; Ord. 558, passed 7-11-2016)