All the signature papers shall be filed in the office of the city clerk as one instrument on or before thirty days after the verified copy of the ordinance is filed as required by section 5.04 above. Within fifteen (15) days after the filing of the petition the city clerk shall ascertain by examination the number of electors whose signatures are appended thereto and whether this number is at least fifteen per cent of the total number of electors who cast their votes in the municipality at the last preceding presidential year general election. If the clerk finds the petition insufficient or irregular, the clerk shall at once notify one or more of the committee of sponsors of that fact, certifying the reasons for the finding. The committee shall then be given fifteen (15) days in which to file additional signature papers and to correct the petition in all other particulars. If at the end of that period the petition is found to be still insufficient or irregular, the clerk shall file it in their office and shall notify each member of the committee of that fact. The final finding of the insufficiency or irregularity of a petition shall not prejudice the filing of a new petition for the same purpose, nor shall it prevent the council from referring the ordinance to the electors at the next regular election at its option.
(Ord. 556, passed 6-27-2016)