50.01   Provisions of chapter and rules and regulations thereunder made part of city’s contract with customers
   50.02   Discontinuance of service upon nonpayment of charges or violation by customer; restoration of service upon full settlement with city
   50.03   Inspection of customers’ premises
   50.04   Right of city to diminish or suspend services when necessary, and nonliability of city therefor
   50.05   Services disconnected by city not to be reconnected except by proper authority
   50.06   Rules and regulations
   50.07   Billings to customers, due date; delinquent bills and collection thereof
   50.08   Providing for the certification of delinquent utility accounts for collection with property taxes
   50.99   Penalty
Charter reference:
   Public ownership and operation of utilities, see Charter Chapter 11
Statutory reference:
   Authority of city to acquire and operate plants for furnishing gas, electricity or water to inhabitants and persons living outside the city, see M.S. Chapters 452 through 455, 458 through 458A, and 459
   Authority of city to obtain, enlarge, operate and the like, a waterworks system, sewers and drains, to impose just and equitable charges for the use thereof and to require connection permits and charge fees therefor, see M.S. § 444. 075